Reducing Packaging

Turning the tide on packaging.

 766,619 kgs of food waste diverted compared to our 2017 benchmark  

With more efficient production and better disposal, we’re reducing the amount of food that goes uneaten

Our strategy to combat food waste begins before it is even generated, through menu planning and portion forecasting. For the unavoidable waste that is generated in our back-of-house operations we are relying on the very latest in technology to help us track trends and set targets for improvement.

We have even begun to take the same approach with helping our partners reduce post-consumer waste through the introduction of new technologies which educate consumers and influence positive behaviour.

Food Management Process Measures Up

We eliminate waste before it’s generated through a comprehensive food management process that includes menu planning, customer and portion forecasting, standards for purchasing, consumer engagement tools, waste tracking, post-analysis and more.

Knowing that what gets measured gets managed, all our foodservice locations track food waste. Increasingly we are transitioning to a technology-based solution for tracking waste which adds accuracy and consistency to the management process, such as influencing decisions about what to purchase and how much to prepare.

Food Donation

At times and during unique operating circumstances, such as a canceled catering event or shutdown due to an unexpected weather event, there may be a need for an environmentally and socially responsible alternative to disposing of edible food waste. Aramark has initiated a national food rescue program that will see an unprecedented volume of surplus food donated when appropriate. Our focus will be on the delivery of unused, unserved food in a safe manner to deserving nonprofit organizations within the community.


For more information on Minimizing Food Waste, read our Be Well. Do Well. Launch Report. 


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