Minimizing Food Waste

Reducing our footprint through better management practices

338,845 KGS  de déchets alimentaires détournés With more efficient production and better waste management, we reduce the amount of food loss

Our strategy to fight food waste starts before it is generated, with menu planning and portion forecasting. For the unavoidable waste that is generated by our internal operations, we rely on the latest technologies to help us track trends and set improvement targets. We've even begun to take the same approach in helping our partners reduce post-consumer waste, through the use of new technologies that educate consumers and influence positive behaviors.

Food management through a measurement process

We eliminate waste before it is generated, from a complete food management process that includes menu planning, traffic forecasting, portion forecasting, purchasing standards, consumer awareness tools, waste tracking, post-project analysis and several other initiatives.

Knowing that what gets measured should be managed well, all of our food service establishments track food waste using a variety of methods. We are increasingly using technology solutions to track waste, which adds accuracy and consistency to the management process, including influencing decisions about what food to buy and how much food to prepare .


Our teams are well trained in the diversion of food waste from other waste streams. These separation activities have now become a matter of course. Some of our locations are equipped with on-site composting programs, while others rely on municipal or private industrial composting facilities. Either way, we are ready and well able to comply with this important waste reduction strategy.

Food donations

Sometimes, due to special circumstances within the scope of our activities, such as a canceled catering event or the cessation of an activity due to unforeseen weather conditions, it may be necessary to have an environmentally and socially responsible alternative to the disposal of edible food waste. Aramark has launched a national food rescue program that will result in an unprecedented volume of surplus food donations when needed. We will prioritize safe delivery of leftover and unserved food to deserving nonprofits within the community.



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