Empowering Healthy Consumers

Helping Canadians lead healthier lives

36% of our menus are vegetarian or vegan, 21% of our menus are plant-forward.  

Empowering people to make healthier choices every day.

Our programs provide resources to help our customers make healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices

We provide the tools to enable, educate, engage and encourage our customers to make healthy choices every day. With a broad selection of great-tasting simple, scratch recipes made from nutritious, clean ingredients and clear communication to help them find their way, we’re making it easier than ever for consumers to achieve their health and wellness goals.

Live It Good

Live It Good is our ever-growing toolkit that helps consumers discover new foods and encourages healthy lifestyle choices. Health promotions, special recipe features, guest chef and dietitian editors and more reach consumers at over 260 locations, as well as many more through digital and social media communication.

Plant Powered

Our pioneering move to more plant-forward menus is better for people’s health, and good for the planet as well. We’ve put a focus on fruits, vegetables and whole grains and reduced the amount of animal-based proteins on our menus while creating plant-forward versions of recipes from all menu categories without sacrificing quality or flavour. Hundreds of plant-forward recipes have been created as part of this program already, and our culinary development team is constantly working on new innovations focused on additional climate friendly menu attributes.

25% of our menus are Get the Good StuffGet the Good Stuff

This industry leading menu labelling program highlights healthier menu selections with an eye-catching icon to help consumers quickly and easily spot healthier choices. Alongside supporting messaging to communicate specific nutrition and sustainability information related to the menu items, our customers will find additional ingredient information such as allergens in a recipe or the source of the ingredient in a variety of formats, including food labels, digital, online, and traditional print communications.

For more information on Empowering Healthy Consumers, Read our Be Well. Do Well. Launch Report.