Reducing Packaging

Turning the tide on packaging.

Reducing straws and stirrers is only the beginning

We have witnessed first-hand how unnecessary packaging contributes to waste volumes, and we are committed to finding solutions. We have already been successful with significant reductions in single-use plastics by removing items such as straws and stirrers from our operations. We will continue to apply this strategy to additional categories of plastics, as well as introduce compostable and recyclable alternatives wherever waste streams allow.

Reduce Single-Use Plastics

As Canada moves closer to legislation that will ban single-use plastics (SUPs) from service locations, we have already made significant steps towards a service model that avoids this type of packaging. We are applying the same approach to other items including bags, take-out containers, cutlery and more, including a purchasing guide for our operators that identifies fully recyclable and/or compostable alternatives for every application. We will continue to build on our initial success and expect to see steady progress until our goal of removing SUPs completely from our locations is reached.


We continue to introduce dining programs that rely on reusable service ware. We have implemented reusables for retail locations and catering, for universities, colleges, and schools, healthcare and senior living locations and our business clients alike, including incentive programs for customers who choose to bring their own reusables in locations where cleaning services are not available.


 For more information on Reducing Packaging, read our Be Well. Do Well. Launch Report. 

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