Advanced technology requires advanced care

Our data-driven approach can help maximize operations and extend the life of healthcare technology.


With our scale and expertise, we can manage broad healthcare equipment inventories for any size hospital or healthcare facility. Our team can:

  • Reduce the costs of equipment ownership

  • Optimize asset performance throughout the equipment lifecycle

  • Deliver independent, evidence-based insights to support equipment planning, acquisition and integration

  • Drive patient, physician, caregiver and visitor satisfaction


Our team is the largest independent provider of healthcare technology management in North America, offering a variety of services like:

  • Capital asset planning and technology assessment

  • Clinical engineering and imaging equipment service solutions

  • Equipment lifecycle management

  • Flexible ancillary services including equipment distribution, device integration, and rental/mobile equipment management

An Unbiased Approach

An Unbiased Approach

Vast resources and expertise make us a top independent healthcare technology management provider.

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

Our expert team ensures that your clinical and imaging assets are ready for duty, at any moment.

Integrated Parts Organization

Our team leverages our national supply chain expertise and resources to maximize buying power and reach. We have experience with multi-brand, multi-vendor service operations and use that knowledge to give you optimized efficiency and savings. 

A key component of this process is ReMedPar— Aramark’s wholly owned provider of quality parts.

Capital Planning and Technology Assessment 

Our Healthcare Technologies’ Assessment and Capital Planning Group is a consulting service that focuses on maximizing both financial and equipment performance. This service provides your team with unbiased, fact-based information and custom profiles that can improve the knowledge and use of clinical technologies, as well as enhance financial and equipment performance.

Centers of Excellence—Imaging and Clinical Engineering 

While our front-line engineers and technicians focus on driving performance at our healthcare locations, modality experts within our Clinical Engineering and Imaging Centers of Excellence are continuously monitoring trends and identifying opportunities to innovate our approach. From advanced remote monitoring technology to new preventative maintenance techniques, we ensure that your valued medical equipment is accessible and ready at the moment it’s needed. 

iDESK—Information at your fingertips 

iDESK is our mobile, web-based technology management system that streamlines and centralizes the management, maintenance, and analysis of equipment histories and performance. iDESK gives clients access to real-time information, reduces paperwork and results in greatly increased efficiency and transparency. 

Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Our Medical Equipment Management Program (MEMP), provides us with a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that ensure we are compliant with all applicable federal, state and local laws, codes and regulations, as well as accreditation and industry standards. 

Organizations we comply with include The Joint Commission, American Osteopathic Association and DNV Healthcare. 

Patient, Physician and Clinical Satisfaction

Patient, Physician and Clinical Satisfaction

We have the tools, resources and expertise in place to make sure we deliver great service every day.

Each year, our healthcare technologies team conducts two standardized surveys across all our client locations to assess satisfaction levels of hospital administration, department directors, nurses and other members of the healthcare team. A third-party provider administers these surveys and online reporting tools and email alerts enable our leaders to identify opportunities to improve customer service in real time. 

Our Service Experts

Our front-line technicians, engineers and managers focus on engaging proactively with department managers and clinicians to proactively identify opportunities to improve service.

Another key component of customer satisfaction is our employees. We have a comprehensive talent management and development network that will provide our clients with well-trained, highly dedicated technicians and managers focused on delivering exceptional care to patients, clinicians and physicians.