Before The First Play, Our Comprehensive Facilities Services Team Takes The Lead

Our expert facilities services team ensures that your venue is as unforgettable as your event. 


Our facilities services team will have your venue ready for any event long before it begins, offering:

  • All-encompassing range of services

  • Sustainable solutions

  • Expertise in modern facilities management

  • Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Green Building Certification


We offer the widest range of facilities management services customized to fit your venue’s specific needs, including:

  • Custodial services

  • Operations and maintenance

  • Contract management

  • Grounds and landscaping

  • Building commissioning and retro-commissioning

  • Capital project management

  • Flexible ancillary services including laundry, security, ushering/ticketing

Range of Services

Range of Services

Our all-encompassing facilities services can be customized to fit your venue’s unique needs.

What happens behind the scenes can have as much impact on the fan experience as the game or event they came to see. That’s why we offer the venues we work with the most comprehensive facilities services program on the market. Our expertise ranges from traditional capabilities like cleaning, snow removal, and predictive maintenance to more forward-thinking support that includes integrating the right systems to improve asset management and maximize budgets. 

Our Services

We make sure every angle is covered, providing direct management of all the facilities services essential to sports and entertainment venues so that your fans continue to rave about their experience long after they’ve left. We offer:

  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Contract Management
  • Groundskeeping & Landscaping
  • Capital Management & Building Commissioning
  • Laundry
  • Security
  • Ushering/Ticket Taking
  • Snow Removal
  • Parking Services
  • Operations & Financial Systems

Each of our services can be customized to fit your venue's needs and maximize your resources. Whether dollars are limited or abundant, our customized programs work to use your money more efficiently and effectively. 

We also employ a team of experts trained to utilize the techniques of modern facilities management. We provide leadership and develop supervisors, so that you can rest assured knowing that the care of your venue is in good hands. 

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Our team is dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability at the stadiums and arenas we serve.

Each and every day, our team works to create memorable fan experiences, and those experiences extend to the communities and world around us. We take our responsibilities as a local and global citizen seriously, recognizing the opportunity we have to create a positive impact on the environment at each venue we serve. 

Programs and Practices

From signature programs to employee volunteerism to in-kind and financial contributions, our goal is to minimize our overall environmental impact while still delivering the ultimate fan experience. Through innovative programs and practices in our four focus areas, we are actively reducing our environmental footprint all while meeting our client’s financial needs. 

Key programs include:

  • Responsible purchasing
  • Waste management
  • Sustainable building operations
  • Transportation efficiency

No matter the venue, we’re proud to support the people, programs and organizations that help make the environment cleaner for future generations.