Giving Your Dining Spaces a New Treatment

Our insights and innovations will transform the way you think about healthcare retail dining.


Balancing a unique blend of healthcare expertise and service excellence, there’s a lot we can offer your hospital or health system, including:

  • Scalable dining environments and models that help meet your organization’s financial goals

  • Our integrated health and wellness platform, Healthy for LifeTM, to promote healthier lifestyles.

  • Improved employee, physician, caregiver and visitor satisfaction

  • Increased market differentiation with industry-leading innovations


Our insights-driven retail dining team meets the needs of both stand-alone hospitals and large, integrated health systems, providing:

  • Transformed retail dining experiences

  • Creative culinary solutions and menus

  • Nationally recognized restaurant brands

  • Convenient “on-the-go” and small-site solutions 

Retail Transformation

Retail Transformation

Our dining environments provide engaging, attractive spaces for caregivers and visitors to recharge.

Many hospital and health system staff members, as well as visitors, choose to eat on-site several times per week. We are able to transform the retail dining experience and deliver a wide variety of great-tasting menus and engaging dining concepts. By doing so, we can both improve the profitability of your dining venues and create an environment where clinicians and visitors can recharge and renew, so that they can focus their energies on what’s most important—patients.

Insight-Driven Transformations

How do we transform the retail dining experience? We start by collecting insights on the trends and behaviors of your customers. This allows us to create innovative, scalable solutions that achieve the highest possible satisfaction for visitors and staff, and the best outcomes for our clients.

Programs and Practices

Our approach to transforming the retail dining experience integrates exciting and inventive programs and practices that respond to your patient, staff and visitor needs, including:

  • Innovative, great-tasting dishes designed by our certified chefs
  • Popular national and local restaurant chains, including Starbucks, Subway and Tim Hortons
  • Off-hours and small-site solutions
  • Healthier food choices and engaging health and wellness awareness programs
  • Robust customer feedback and engagement tools and programs
  • Competitive catering programs for executive meetings, receptions, conferences and special events
  • Attractive retail dining environments strategically designed based on location, traffic flow, preference and budget. 

We’re able to replicate our retail transformations, across entire health systems, allowing our commitment to quality and service excellence to be carried out consistently across all your healthcare locations. We do all this while controlling costs and supporting our clients with world-class support and resources. 

Marketing and Engagement

Our robust marketing and communication program includes a combination of traditional marketing, web resources, social media, customized apps, and proprietary programs. Meanwhile, our customer service and support staff delivers quality, innovation, value and variety at all the retail dining locations we serve.

Research and Insights

Research and Insights

Insights gathered from your physicians, staff and visitors guide all our healthcare dining programs.

Visitors and caregivers are often pressed for time. Our focus on visitor and caregiver insights allows us to create convenient, compelling programs that your customers are asking for, keeping visitors and caregivers engaged and satisfied.

The Insights That Matter

Knowing what caregivers and visitors want out of their dining experience helps us identify what is being done well and what opportunities we have to innovate going forward. We continue to conduct rigorous research into what the staff and visitors at your specific healthcare organization are looking for, and then we turn those insights into exciting innovations. We look at sales data, growing trends and gather information directly from the people who move in and out of your healthcare site every day. 

Feedback and Response

With our proprietary satisfaction survey process, Your Voice Counts, we’re able to respond to visitors and staff needs in real time. The program enables our customers to tell us exactly what they liked and what they’re looking for in their retail dining experience. Then, based on the feedback we get, alerts are automatically distributed to our managers in real time so that they can immediately make changes and applaud service excellence. 

Fostering this open communication—truly listening and responding to ideas, thoughts, and feedback—makes Aramark better, and ensures staff and visitors are engaged and satisfied with their dining experience. We are able to respond to customer needs in a timely fashion, make informed improvements and help increase satisfaction and revenue at hospitals and health systems around the country. 

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Satisfying, nutritious dining services help your healthcare organization promote healthier choices.

Patients and communities look to hospitals and health systems to create a culture focused on wellness and healthy living. The dining options they provide are an important extension of that effort. So we’ve introduced our health and wellness platform, Healthy for Life™, at all the healthcare organizations we serve as part of our commitment to creating healthy environments, building healthier communities and supporting healthy lifestyles.

Healthy Choices

Healthy For Life™ makes healthier choices readily available and positively impacts the healthcare environment. It includes a wide variety of easy-to-find solutions that work together to encourage customers to select the lower-calorie, lower-fat, wholegrain, and vegetarian or vegan choices that best fit their lifestyles. 

Our team of talented chefs and dietitians design menus that are great-tasting, healthy and accommodate a wide variety of unique clinical and nutritional needs, filling the retail-dining environment with an abundance of wholesome, fresh and nutritious foods. 

Through ongoing partnerships with leading healthcare institutions, health advocacy organizations, and industry and community groups, we are working hard every day to make the best menu choices and nutrition information available to your physicians, caregivers, staff and visitors. 

Education and Awareness

Using our own research, as well as in-depth analysis of global health trends, we educate and promote healthier lifestyle choices to care teams, visitors and patients. Through a broad selection of satisfying, healthier recipes, alongside easy-to-understand nutrition and wellness information, we take the mystery out of healthy living. 

We continuously engage and educate customers with activities like on-site health fairs, food sampling events, cooking demonstrations by our chefs, and wellness workshops with our dietitians.