Patient Dining & Nutrition —A Vital Part of the Care Experience

We approach our patient dining and clinical nutrition services with health and satisfaction in mind.


Our patient-centric approach can improve satisfaction and elevate the entire patient dining experience by providing:

  • Expert clinical dietitians and nutrition care protocols that support patient care outcomes

  • Increased patient, nurse and caregiver satisfaction through service excellence

  • Optimized operations to reduce costs and improve efficiencies

  • Innovative dining concepts that can be scaled from single hospitals to national health systems


We create patient dining and clinical nutrition programs that meet the needs of your hospital or health system, including:

  • World-class patient dining solutions

  • Expert inpatient and outpatient nutrition counseling and education

  • Innovative programs for patient, clinician and physician engagement

  • Scalable service delivery models

innovative Dining Programs

innovative Dining Programs

Every day, we deliver engaging, nutrition-focused dining programs to patients around the world.

In today’s healthcare environment, patients have many choices for where they receive their care. We also understand that engaging, quality dining services can improve patient satisfaction and, in turn, drive reimbursement. Fortunately, we’ve spent nearly 50 years partnering with hospitals and healthcare systems across the globe, providing innovative patient dining and clinical nutrition services that meet the strict dietary needs of hundreds of thousands of patients. 

Patient Insights

Each year, we invest significant resources to understand the needs and desires of our patients. Our ability to respond to patient needs, and deliver the nutritious food choices that they want, is what makes us an industry leader. 

Through focus group discussions, close examination of global and local food trends and site-specific research on your patients’ unique food preferences, we’re able to create engaging patient dining experiences that meet their unique dietary needs while also considering the quality and financial goals of the hospitals or health systems we serve. 

Innovative, Engaging Dining Concepts

Armed with those insights, we design and develop innovative programs based on the following:

  • Quality of food
  • Menu choice and variety
  • Quality of service
  • Nutrition education to support lifestyle change
  • Patient engagement

We’re constantly creating new dining concepts and programs to increase patient satisfaction, including:

  • A high-performance team of specialists that use Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics standards to develop nutritionally sound meal options
  • Great-tasting, healthier choices that meet dietary needs based on age, regional taste, condition and individual patient preference
  • Increased room service delivery options, including adding Just For You® state-of-the-art customized nutritional menus to our restaurant-style Room Service Program.
  • Tray management programs
  • Hospitality platforms, such as our adopt-a-floor nurse manager rounding program and PatientConnect patient rounding program
  • Engaging nutrition education to support lifestyle change supported by 750 dietitians

We understand healthcare is a dynamic industry. And it’s for that very reason we put so much emphasis on turning patient insights into everyday innovations. That way, as healthcare evolves, our patient dining services evolve with it. 

Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

Our employees foster a comforting healthcare environment through everyday patient interactions.

Clinical Nutrition Services

Clinical Nutrition Services

With over 750 dietitians on staff and a renowned Dietetic Internship Program, we invest in the next generation of clinicians.