Giving The Patient Environment A Cleaner Bill of Health

It’s about maintaining clean, comfortable healthcare spaces and keeping patients out of harm’s way. 


When you combine our depth of technical expertise with our commitment to patient and caregiver satisfaction, our team makes a significant impact by:

  • Advancing infection prevention and exceeding regulatory requirements

  • Elevating patient satisfaction and creating more comfortable environments for patients and clinicians alike

  • Delivering scalable processes and programs that significantly increase efficiency, productivity and quality

  • Extending the life and appearance of facilities and optimizing maintenance budgets


We consider our environmental and facilities services a vital component of the healthcare process, so we provide a wide array of environmental services, including:

  • Environmental service programs focused on infection prevention

  • Operations and maintenance programs that drive regulatory compliance

  • Engineering and construction management solutions

  • Ancillary services including valet, patient transportation, and laundry and linen distribution

Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Using innovative environmental service techniques, we maintain safer, cleaner healthcare spaces.

We manage more than 175 million net cleanable square feet of space each day. And with almost 50 years of experience in maintaining healthy environments day in and day out, we’ve developed innovative methods and processes that keep patients safe and your facilities running smoothly.

State-Of-The-Art Solutions for a Safer Environment

Our research and development experts partner with the industry’s leading suppliers of chemicals and solutions to develop and test the next generation of environmental services technologies—the goal being to reduce the spread of hospital-associated infections and increase productivity at all the hospitals and health systems we serve. 

Additionally, our proprietary web-based maintenance management system integrates our environmental and facilities management data into a single-platform, offering a transparent view of our everyday activities and staffing models. The system includes an integrated bed management program to expedite room turnover without interfering with crucial hospital functions.

Healthcare Capabilities and Expertise

Using the most effective cleaning products and systems, customized to fit the needs of each unique environment, we’re able to maintain all manner of healthcare facilities. From offices to operating and recovery rooms, we promote patient healing and help our clients extend the life and appearance of their entire facility.

No matter the size of the hospital, we’re committed to sustainability, infection prevention and, most importantly, patient safety and satisfaction.

Maintenance and Infrastructure Solutions

Maintenance and Infrastructure Solutions

We specialize in keeping your healthcare facilities running smoothly while you focus on patient care.

More than 300 healthcare organizations rely on our expertise to clean, maintain and enhance their facilities and assure uninterrupted patient care.  

Technical Expertise

We understand that healthcare is a complex ecosystem and maintaining spaces where patients recover requires specific expertise and care. Our teams of experts are trained in all the latest techniques for healthcare facilities management and are dedicated to providing the best service to patients, caregivers and communities. 

Better Services, Better Performance

Across hospitals and health systems we have the strategic and technical expertise to provide services in:

  • Energy management
  • Capital program management
  • Priority needs assessments
  • Utility systems planning
  • Design review

From a maintenance perspective, our proactive approach recognizes needs before they arise, focusing on improving facility performance through predictive and preventative maintenance that reduces emergency breakdowns. This saves money spent on energy usage and corrective repairs while reducing caregiver dissatisfaction and potential disruptions to patient care.

We’ve maximized the life and performance of the healthcare facilities we serve – saving approximately $275 million in energy costs for our clients, across 1.2 billion square feet of hospital space, over the past 7 years alone.

Regulatory Compliance

Our experts also ensure that our facilities management programs comply with required accrediting and regulatory agencies, including the nearly 275 standards required for a facilities management program by The Joint Commission.  On average, our team completes three Joint Commission surveys per week compared to the industry average of one every three years. On average, our team completes three Joint Commission surveys per week.

Asset Solutions

When your facility requires infrastructure projects, such as replacement of air handlers, boilers or chillers, our team is uniquely equipped to deliver turnkey solutions in the healthcare setting.  We guarantee cost, timelines, and performance, assuming the risk for you.  Any disruptions to your operations are carefully minimized or eliminated through innovative project design.