Resident Dining

Dining with Aramark Senior Living

Customizable programs to elevate the dining experience

We create enjoyable dining experiences that optimize food quality, variety, and resident dignity

A focus on elevated culinary excellence and restaurant quality meals
Insights-driven menu planning process incorporates resident, family, and caregiver feedback
A robust recipe collection that includes standard, elevated, and premium choices to meet any budget
“Always available” menu with innovative features and classic, homestyle favourites
Celebratory meal and food tasting events featured regularly to surprise and delight

Our highly trained, empathetic, and motivated team members take service excellence to heart

Industry-leading service excellence & resident-centred skills and awareness training
Robust orientation program & toolkit for new employees
Dedicated culinary, menu, & service program development teams provide ongoing support & innovation
Provincial audit / inspection program preparation
Senior living specific team member orientation program


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We optimize health with nutritious and delicious meals created for residents’ individual needs

A focus on fresh, whole foods with healthier preparation methods makes up our Food First Philosophy
Innovative “Plus” menu items where “food is fortified with food”
Stringent safe food handling practices in all production & service spaces
Dietitian approved allergen and special diet management including innovation in texture modified meals
Priority placed on accessibility for all residents, including expanded handheld choices and adaptive aids

Through industry-leading programs and technology, we help track, analyze, and deliver measurable results 

ResidentConnect software and dashboard, reports resident satisfaction for continuous improvement
Proprietary Prima Web recipe management system creates operational efficiency with food production and forecasting
RDS diet and menu management system integrates with electronic medical records while providing daily costing and nutrition information
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