Deep Cleaning & Advanced Disinfection Service for Senior Living Environments

EverSafe™ with Aramark Senior Living

Enhanced Environmental Hygiene to Improve Resident and Workplace Safety 

Our EverSafe™ Rapid Deployment Team provides Long Term Care, Retirement Living, and Assisted Living Facility operators enhanced Environmental Infection Prevention and Control

Residents, families, and staff expect a hygienically, clean and safe environment. Today, as Senior Living facilities begin to open their doors to visits from families and others, the need to demonstrate stringent environmental hygiene conditions is more critical than ever. In many Senior Living facilities, staff resources have been strained during the COVID-19 Pandemic. While necessary day-to-day cleaning is being performed, there can be a need for a restorative clean and disinfection of the resident environment. Our EverSafe™ Rapid Deployment Team’s deep (terminal) cleaning and advanced (secondary) disinfection service is an added assurance to the day-to-day efforts of your Environmental 
(Housekeeping) staff.

Our deep cleaning and advanced disinfection service can be applied to a single resident home-unit, a complete floor/wing, or the entire facility. Your every day Environmental Services staff will continue to perform their routine housekeeping, waste and linen handling duties. However, in the designated areas, our EverSafe™ Rapid Deployment Team will also provide deep cleaning and advanced disinfection, as an added measure of assurance.

Available as a one-time service or as part of a bundle of service events, our deep cleaning and advanced disinfection service is a practical and affordable complementary measure to increase the confidence of residents, families, and staff.

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  • Centrally dispatched mobile unit; available 7-days per week
  • Rigorous team pre-screening, background checks, uniforms and personal protective equipment 
  • Comprehensive staff training, including:

Advanced cleaning and disinfection procedures

  Infection prevention and control

  Safe work practices

  Working in senior living environments

  • On-site team supervision & customer liaison 
  • Deep (terminal) cleaning consistent with Routine Practices and Additional Precautions informed by Ontario's Provincial Infection Diseases Advisory Committee (PIDAC) and Infection Prevention & Control (IPAC) - Canada
  • Fast-acting, hospital-grade disinfectant options, aligned to customer IPAC practices
  • Advanced (secondary) disinfection through electro-static spray technology
  • Stringent quality control measures, through written visual cleanliness assessments, and microbial contamination, using ATP environmental assessment technology; customers receive a report of audit findings
  • Comprehensive on-site safety tools & standard operating practices

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