Patient and Resident Dining

We approach our dining and clinical nutrition services with health and satisfaction in mind.


We adopt people-centric approach toward increasing satisfaction and the dining experience by providing:

  • Expert clinical dietitians and nutrition care protocols that support care outcomes

  • A service excellence program to actively solicit feedback

  • Optimized operations to reduce costs and improve efficiencies

  • Innovative dining programs that can be implemented at single locations or at a national level


We create dining and nutrition programs that meet your business needs:

  • World-class dining solutions

  • Expert nutrition counseling and education

  • Activities and events to boost patient, resident, clinician, family, and physician engagement

  • Scalable service delivery models

Dining Programs

Dining Programs

Every day, we deliver engaging, nutrition-focused dining programs to patients and residents around the world.

We’ve spent 50+ years partnering with hospitals, senior living communities, and healthcare systems across the globe, providing innovative dining and clinical nutrition services that meet the strict dietary needs of hundreds of thousands of patients and residents.


Each year, we invest significant resources into understanding patients' and residents' and preferences  to tailor our programs and services to better meet their needs, as well as that of your business.  

Through focus group discussions, evaluation of global and local food trends and site-specific research into individuals' food preferences, we can create engaging dining experiences while also considering the quality and financial goals of your business.

Innovative, Engaging Dining Concepts

We  leverage those insights to design and develop innovative programs  based on the following :
Quality of food and service
Menu choice and variety
Nutrition education and activities to support lifestyle changes
Patient and resident engagement

We’re constantly creating new dining concepts and programs to increase patient and resident satisfaction, including:

Dining Programs for Patients

Tastier and healthier choices that meet dietary needs based on age, regional taste, condition and individual preference
Freshflex™ state-of-the-art customized nutritional menus for acute care  
Rounding and engagement program
Nutrition and education to promote lifestyle changes that are supported by our registered dietitians and nutrition professionals across the country

Dining Programs for Residents

Menus and recipes designed to increase nutritional intake, such as those that are field tested with residents, satisfy Canada’s Food Guide, relaxed diets that offer more choices, fortified foods, and handheld menu items for wandering residents
Dining with Dignity through evidence-based programs that support and foster independence
Creating an inviting dining atmosphere based on standards and protocols for upgrading equipment and furniture
Marking special occasions in the lives of residents through themed meals, local events, birthdays and anniversaries
Delivering service excellence training for our associates so they actively solicit and act on residents’ valuable feedback
Founding and engagement program 

We understand healthcare is a dynamic industry. And it’s for that very reason that we focus on turning insights into everyday innovations.   As healthcare evolves, our dining services evolve with it. 



Our employees foster a comforting environment through everyday interactions with patients and residents.

Patient and resident satisfaction scores are one of the most critical assessments. Effective ways to improve care services will boost these scores.
Our experience assessment tools help us create a repeatable business model to facilitate enhancements in the Food and Nutrition Services department, which drives sustainable improvement in patient satisfaction scores.

Related to our role in the overall patient and resident experience, rounding is a powerful and relevant way to connect  with each individual, while gathering larger-scale insights that uncover opportunities for improvement with our partners. Our robust, enterprise-level rounding tools to improve critical indicators and impact outcomes.

Clinical Nutrition Services

Clinical Nutrition Services

Our clinicians are guided by evidence-based policies and procedures.

We are dedicated to giving your patients and residents the best care.  Every day, our clinicians rely on evidence-based policies and procedures to identify and prioritize patient needs. Our clinical nutrition programs come with a wealth of tools and resources to ensure excellent care.

To further support the growth of the profession we work collaboratively with educational institutions to facilitate internship placements in a variety of our Aramark operated facilities.