Giving Your Environment A Cleaner Bill of Health

We maintain clean and comfortable spaces and keep individuals out of harm’s way.


When you add our depth of technical expertise to our commitment to patient, resident and caregiver satisfaction, our team contributes to making a positive impact by:

  • Advancing infection prevention and exceeding regulatory requirements

  • Elevating satisfaction and creating more comfortable environments for patients, residents and clinicians 

  • Delivering scalable processes and programs that significantly increase efficiency, productivity and quality

  • Extending the life and appearance of facilities and optimizing maintenance budgets


We consider our environmental and facilities services to be a vital component of the healthcare process. As a result, we provide a wide array of environmental services, that include:

  • Infection prevention programs

  • Operations and maintenance programs that drive regulatory compliance

  • Engineering and construction management solutions

  • Ancillary services, such as valet, patient transportation, as well as laundry and linen distribution

Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Using innovative techniques, we maintain safer and cleaner spaces.

We rely on our years of experience to maintain healthy environments every single day, and develop innovative methods and processes that keep patients and residents safe and your facilities running smoothly.

State-Of-The-Art Solutions for a Safer Environment

Our research and development experts partner with the industry’s leading suppliers of chemicals and solutions to create and test the next generation of environmental services technologies with the dual goals of reducing the spread of infections in hospitals and residences and increasing productivity. 

What’s more, our proprietary, web-based facility management system consolidates environmental and facilities management data in a single-platform to display everyday activities and staffing models. The system includes an integrated bed management program to expedite room turnover - without disrupting crucial hospital functions.

Healthcare Capabilities and Expertise

We use the most effective cleaning products and systems--customized to fit the needs of each unique environment. 

From offices to operating and recovery rooms, we  maintain and help our clients extend the life and appearance of all types of environments.

No matter the size of the hospital or residence, we’re committed to sustainability, infection prevention and, most importantly, patient and resident safety and satisfaction.

Maintenance and Infrastructure Solutions

Maintenance and Infrastructure Solutions

We specialize in keeping your sites running smoothly while you focus on care.

We understand that acute care and senior living are complex ecosystems and spaces to maintain. Our teams of experts are trained in all the latest facilities management techniques and technologies to clean, maintain and enhance your environments without disrupting care or service. 

Better Services, Better Performance

We have the strategic and technical know-how to provide services in:
Capital program management
Priority needs assessments
Utility systems planning
Design review

From a maintenance perspective, our proactive approach allows for us to anticipate needs before they arise and minimize potential disruptions to care through predictive and preventative maintenance aimed at reducing emergency breakdowns, decreasing costs for energy consumption and corrective repairs, and, ultimately, increasing caregiver satisfaction.