Better facilities make better schools. Trust our 60 years of facilities service experience

Our custodial, maintenance, grounds and energy expertise help make schools the best they can be.


Schools may be built on promise, but they survive on performance. We offer proven, strategic solutions—for any budget—that create an environment for your students in which to succeed. We meet your needs by featuring:

  • Facility services designed to maximize your resources. Whether dollars are limited or abundant, we customize programs to use money efficiently and effectively

  • Performance measurements to help ensure we meet and exceed your expectations

  • A full range of facilities services including custodial, maintenance, grounds and energy expertise 

  • Collaborative client relationships built so both parties have a vested interest in achieving mutual business goals

  • A customer-focused approach that places high importance on the experience of students, teachers and administration


With our facilities services providing the latest innovations and green practices, we create safe, inviting learning spaces to empower students to achieve. Let us transform your schools with our expertise in:

  • Custodial services

  • Grounds and landscaping

  • Operations and maintenance

  • Energy management

Comprehensive services

Comprehensive services

We have comprehensive facilities expertise in cleaning, maintaining, managing systems and saving you money.

Facilities services have a lasting impact on your school and positively affect your students, teachers and administrators. We are experts in custodial, maintenance, grounds and energy services. Let us make your school the best it can be so you can focus on what matters most—your students.

Healthy Cleaning

We don’t just keep your school clean, we keep it safe and healthy. With our innovative technology and Blue CleaningTM program, we get the job done faster and more efficiently all while reducing the school’s environmental footprint. We provide:

  • Increased building quality and visual appeal
  • Services and solutions within budgetary goals
  • Employees that receive ongoing training and development
  • Environmentally friendly solutions
  • A safe space that reduces injuries, accidents and liabilities


We do more than just make your school look beautiful. Through our maintenance expertise, we identify ways to save money and reduce the occurrence of unplanned repairs. We use state-of-the-art technology to work smarter and more efficiently. By improving your school and staying ahead of potential problems, we create environments for better learning and working experiences. We provide:

  • Predictable operating costs and budgets
  • Enhanced student and faculty satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency savings in labour and productivity
  • Increased equipment reliability

Our unique expertise in mechanical system design, engineering, operations and partnerships reduces costs with little or no risk. We lower your energy bill and reduce your environmental impact by:

  • Increasing energy performance and ensuring your existing system is being used properly
  • Reducing energy consumption and costs
  • Establishing benchmarking to measure and improve performance


We create and maintain inviting, beautiful, well-manicured grounds. Schools that are safe and visually appealing are more inviting to parents and the larger community. We tend to your school grounds by:

  • Maintaining and preserving the landscaping, athletic fields, trees, turf, and shrubs
  • Enhancing curb appeal

Support Services

We make sure that we offer support services, so you get the most out of our partnership. Our technical professionals provide risk and safety management to make your workplace safe and identify areas of improvement.

Cost-effective performance

Cost-effective performance

Whatever your budget may be, we make sure our custom programs exceed your expectations.

We understand the importance of a clean, well-maintained school, as well as getting the most value out of your custom facility service solutions. Beyond savings, we offer many great benefits to your district such as our green and sustainable solutions.  Plus, with well-trained employees, we make sure we’re the best partner you can have.

Optimized Services

We maximize the impact of every dollar spent by ensuring that our facilities services are customized to address your unique needs. By finding efficiencies, we work better and save you money without compromising safety, quality or effectiveness. 

We're also able to preserve and protect district assets, modernize aging structures and proactively maintain your schools to save you money and promote safety. Our experience, processes and technology allow us to get the most use out of the assets you already have.

Better Employees

A professionally and personally satisfied employee is more likely to perform his or her job with integrity and passion. Our Service Stars are our greatest asset and we make sure they have the tools and training to best serve you and your schools. We make sure our workforce is engaged and motivated to bring you the best they have to offer.

Higher Performance

We put reporting and tracking systems in place so we can always find ways to exceed your expectations. With proper benchmarking and key performance indicators, we can identify areas of improvement and offer solutions that give you even more for your money.

Research and development

Research and development

With research and development, we’re always finding ways to offer innovations you value.

We are committed to ongoing innovation to stay ahead of current trends. This allows us to consistently improve our service to offer efficient results that fall within your budget.

Research, Development, Improvement, Satisfaction

From cleaning to energy services, we’re always looking to find new ways to make sure you get the benefit of updated tools and new technologies. Our research and development team actively pursues innovative changes that keep our services ahead of conventional programs.

We are continually evaluating our performance to make sure you get exactly what you need and more. Our custom measurement plans use performance indicators that are most relevant to your school. This allows us to maximize every dollar you spend.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

We are committed to protecting and improving the environment. We strive to incorporate practical solutions to minimize negative environmental impacts through our Green Thread™ Programs which provide:

  • Waste Stream Management: One of the first steps in reducing your environmental footprint is to limit the amount of garbage generated and divert waste that is generated away from landfill towards recycling and composing streams. We focus on the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) in our operations.
  • Responsible Procurement: We purchase and use environmentally friendly products and use suppliers who share our commitment for reducing negative impacts on the environment.
  • Green Operations: Since building operations are a large consumer of natural resources and a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, we help create and operate buildings that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. We partner with school districts to provide a range of energy and water conservation programs to minimize our natural resource usage.
Innovation in action

Innovation in action

Advances in our technology allow us to innovate and revolutionize facilities services.

We have big ideas and make them a reality. Our innovations allow our employees to work faster and perform better. 

Blue Cleaning™

Our innovative Blue Cleaning™ process uses electrically activated tap water in place of chemicals that can be harmful to the planet. A low-level electrical charge applied to the water transforms it into a powerful water cleaning solution. This breaks apart dirt and can be cleaned up quickly without leaving a residue like chemical-based agents.

Touchless Cleaning System

Creating a healthy space that allows students to flourish requires advanced cleaning techniques. We accomplish this in a way that reduces costs and is done with less strain on employees.

Our touchless cleaning system allows for full-coverage cleaning in bathrooms including around difficult fixtures. 96% of contaminants are removed with this system, but even more important, no direct physical contact with the surfaces is required of the cleaning staff. The design allows employees to clean more efficiently than with other technologies. The results? A cleaner school, improved staff morale, and more time to improve your building elsewhere.

Remote Condition Monitoring

Identifying and correcting a problem before it becomes one is invaluable. We understand the costs and repercussions of unplanned repairs on your schools. With students’ education on the line, disruptions aren’t acceptable.

Remote condition monitoring allows us to continually evaluate operations and equipment to detect problems before the system fails. This helps avoid costly repairs or, even worse, school shut down. Remote Condition Monitoring saves your schools money, allows for proper budgeting and keeps your students and administration safer and more comfortable.