A Great Dining Program Transforms Campus Life

Students are seeking healthy, great-tasting food in dynamic environments.


Above all else, we strive to transform dining experiences on the campuses we serve every day. We: 

  • Gather research and insights for a deeper understanding of student wants and needs

  • Utilize the expertise of our diverse team of professionals to provide the highest level of hospitality  

  • Create menus with a variety of healthy, sustainable options students love

  • Use the latest technology to communicate and engage with students, faculty and staff  

  • Increase student loyalty and retention through our customized culinary solutions


Our ability to elevate the student experience is a direct result of the comprehensive dining services we offer, including: 

  • Residential dining

  • Food courts and restaurants

  • Coffee shops

  • Convenience stores

  • Catering

  • Concessions

  • Strategic planning

  • Design build

Research and Insights

Research and Insights

Our research platforms enable you to better understand student habits, behaviors, tastes and trends.

College and university applicants are social, sophisticated and savvy. They’re not only looking at the academic prestige of an institution but also considering the campus environment when making their college decisions. Your dining venues and menu options could very well be the difference between yes and no.

As a result, we are constantly collecting research and data on evolving trends, tastes, habits and behaviors to find out what students want most out of their campus dining program.

One example is our proprietary master planning process, MarketMATCHTM. With this powerful tool, we gain insights from your entire community, and then our team of diverse and talented experts recommends unique dining options and solutions customized to your campus. 

Evaluation and Feedback

We can help you maintain a high level of satisfaction by continuously evaluating performance with our DiningStylesTM program, and with Your Voice Counts, we glean valuable real-time data to respond to student needs as soon as they arise. 

Whether it’s optimized meal plans, new venue concepts or healthy and sustainable menus, our innovative dining solutions help enhance your brand and create the campus of your students’ dreams.


Pairing healthy choices with nutrition and wellness programs, we make it easier to live well.
We create and power sustainable programs and practices that minimize our environmental impact.
Culinary Solutions

Culinary Solutions

Creating healthy, fresh recipes that students love, our culinary team puts innovation first.

The foundation of our innovative campus dining services is our team of highly trained chefs. They, with the help of dietitians and other culinary experts, go above and beyond to deliver a wide range of recipes, sourcing options and experiences for your students, all the while taking into account the latest trends and technologies.

Fresh Menus

Our chefs know that the best-tasting food begins with fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared simply and cooked to perfection. We were the first company to offer diverse ethnic, cooked-to-order residential dining food stations, as well as “fresh for you” exhibition-style cooking on campus.

Customizable Meals

Even more importantly, our team is armed with the knowledge of what solutions best fit your campus’ specific needs, and can deliver a unique experience tailored to your campus community. Those experiences could range from gluten- and allergen-free menu items, meals derived from sustainable and organic sources, kosher dining rooms or a host of other healthy and nutritionally balanced choices that fit your students’ varied lifestyles.

Combine menu planning, food presentation and a top-notch service philosophy with an innovative approach rooted in local ingredients and international cuisines, and you’ve got the recipe for an outstanding campus dining program. 


Pairing healthy choices with nutrition and wellness programs, we make it easier to live well.
We create and power sustainable programs and practices that minimize our environmental impact.
Campus Transformation

Campus Transformation

Custom campus dining environments help increase student satisfaction, campus pride and retention.

As a single-source campus dining service provider, part of our role is to help transform your dining venues into bustling hubs of student interaction. Fortunately, we have years of expertise in the design build and operation of residential restaurants, national, regional and proprietary retail dining outlets, campus convenience stores and catering programs.

Through customized culinary design and operational improvements, we turn your campus dining locations into energetic and welcoming gathering spaces filled with product lines focused on healthy and fresh options.

Residential Dining

Our residential dining environments feature chef-created menu options that take advantage of fresh, sustainable, local, and organic foods. Our menus feature a variety of regional and international cuisines in rotating exhibition stations; we also feature special dietary meals that meet the needs of students with specific requirements. More than that, they connect your campus via social media; we promote innovative technology through mobile ordering, nutrition apps and an engaging campus dining website.

Retail Brands

We bring established national brands, as well as emerging and regional franchise brands to all our campuses. Since we operate more franchise brands than any other food service provider, our brand development experts know how to deliver national brand experiences, flavors, pricing and value. When a more specialized solution is needed, we use our understanding of student trends, culinary expertise and operational excellence to create proprietary and customized brands to deliver a dynamic retail dining environment.


No campus transformation would be complete without an innovative catering program. Our culinary experts work with your campus community to craft unique, great-tasting recipes, all while staying within budget. From a boxed-lunch gathering for students to fundraising events with VIPs, our unparalleled campus catering services really deliver.


Pairing healthy choices with nutrition and wellness programs, we make it easier to live well.
We create and power sustainable programs and practices that minimize our environmental impact.
Student Engagement

Student Engagement

We’ve identified what students want: healthier, sustainable menu options and high-tech solutions.

Today’s students are entering into their Post-secondary education with a different mind-set. They grew up in the heart of the information age with regular access to computers, smart phones and social media. More than ever, they are looking to stay current and connected; and are constantly sharing, collaborating and giving back.

What’s more, they are looking to actively engage with their campus community. That’s why we use proprietary tools to gather insights and identify the trends that matter most to students. From venues to menus to suggestion implementation, our number-one priority as campus dining providers is student satisfaction.

Health and Wellness

So how do we keep them engaged? It all starts with our health and wellness programs. In a recent survey, 60% of students stated they would eat on campus more if healthier options were available1. That’s why we bring our Healthy For Life™ program, which entails our health and wellness platform, to all the campuses we work with.

Our Healthy For Life™ program features healthy food, nutrition education, and wellness programs that positively impact the entire campus community. Our team of talented chefs and dietitians know that the best way to encourage students to make healthier choices is to make “good-for-you” food delicious and satisfying. Designed to accommodate a wide variety of nutritional needs and to fill the dining environment with an abundance of wholesome, fresh, nutritious foods—our Healthy for Life™ program helps power a culture of health and well-being for everyone on campus. 

Sustainable Solutions

  • As a large provider of dining services, we have the resources and expertise needed to create more sustainable food service operations on campus. We leverage our existing environmental sustainability platform, Green ThreadTM, to proactively take on environmental issues that resonate with students and help your bottom line.
  • We develop sustainable dining programs that are unique to each campus we serve and enable better connection with students. We address issues like responsible purchasing, waste stream management, green building operations and transportation.

Innovative Technology

  • Our cutting-edge, flexible and low-cost technology solutions are a fundamental part of our campus dining services. In an increasingly tech-savvy world, we stay at the forefront of innovation and connected directly with campus communities by offering:
  • Real-time feedback
  • Social media integration
  • Online, mobile and kiosk ordering options
  • Digital menu boards

One of the more customized solutions we bring to campuses is CampusDish™, our e-commerce-enabled web portal, which:

  • Gives students access to daily menus
  • Provides nutritional information
  • Allows meal plan membership sign-up
  • Integrates social media and customer feedback

Additionally, our state-of-the-art implementation and customer care support center is here to help you experience a seamless transition, ensuring future success with your Aramark campus dining program.


Pairing healthy choices with nutrition and wellness programs, we make it easier to live well.
We create and power sustainable programs and practices that minimize our environmental impact.