Refreshing Your Workplace Experience

Engage your employees with benefits that promote productivity and help them recharge throughout the work day.


We create experiences that keep your employees engaged and help them recharge throughout the workday. We offer:

  • A tangible way to appreciate your employees

  • Innovation that creates the break room of the future encouraging collaborative and productive workspaces

  • A wide variety of products and services that keep pace with consumer trends and include better-for-you options

  • Flexibility to adjust product and service offerings to meet your changing needs while continuing to provide quality and value

  • Service options that fit your needs from basic online ordering to comprehensive solutions

  • Options for environmentally responsible products and equipment


As one of the nation’s largest refreshment services provider, we offer multiple services including:

  • Comprehensive break room solutions

  • Micromarkets/Grab & Go

  • Hot and iced beverage services

  • Water filtration units

  • Vending services

Comprehensive Break Rooms

Comprehensive Break Rooms

Foster collaboration and employee engagement through your break room experience.

The break room isn’t just a place for employees to step away from their daily tasks—it’s also a venue to recharge and build camaraderie. With the right coffee, beverages and snacks, you can build the perfect break room experience that keeps your employees satisfied and saves them time with the convenience of on-site options. It can also be an important selling point to attract and retain talent.

VibeTM Fresh Markets

A vibeTM Fresh Market transforms your break room into a gourmet convenience store. Offering healthy, locally influenced meals, snacks and assorted beverage options, vibe Fresh Markets provide a unique benefit to your employees, giving them the variety and convenience they want without having to leave the office. 

Our vibeTM Fresh Markets feature technology that makes it easy for employees to make purchases with either a credit card or their key card using our attendant-less checkout kiosk. Our payment system complies with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards to protect your employees’ data.

With endless configurations, vibeTM Fresh Markets can be customized to suit your company’s needs. We offer a variety of style options to ensure that the look of the market is a natural extension of your workplace.

National Expertise, Local Service

National Expertise, Local Service

We manage nationally and operate locally in order to provide you with the highest level of service.

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. With a nationwide network of service operators, we’re never too far away to provide the right team on the ground for your local needs. 

National Account Program

Our National Account Program is ideal for companies with a national or regional footprint who would benefit from the convenience of centralized program management and consistent, high-quality service. It provides effective and efficient account management with a single point of contact and a dedicated customer service team. In addition, it reduces administrative costs with centralized billing and payment, detailed location-level reporting and a catalog of items to order.

Through our 30 Aramark-owned service centers, we offer a comprehensive service footprint throughout North America. This enables us to provide our clients with the highest level of service consistency, no matter where they are located. We don’t just make that level of service a priority. We make it our job.

Sustainable Efforts

Sustainable Efforts

We are committed to offering sustainable and eco-friendly options for products and services.

Each year, we provide over 1 billion cups of coffee and 400 million cold drinks to workplaces around the country. That can create a significant amount of waste, but we’ve developed ways to reduce our impact on the environment and help you achieve your company’s sustainability goals.

Through a route optimization program that cuts down on fuel use, we not only shrink our carbon footprint, we spend less on resources. And when we spend less, we pass on the savings to you.

Our commitment to sustainability is further reflected in the supplies we make available. Products made from recycled fibers, compostable materials, and renewable resources all contribute to the global good.

Coffee for a Cause

We offer various Fair Trade CertifiedTM, Rainforest Alliance, Certified Organic and Shade Grown coffee brands that are committed to sustainability. In addition, our private label javia Signature Blend gives a portion of annual sales to local community centers.

Sustainable Hydration

Since our water filtration units use your office’s water supply, there’s no need to worry about bulky, hard-to-recycle plastic jugs. As a result, we can significantly reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the dependence on bottles, jugs and delivery fuel. It’s a smart choice for your workplace and for the environment.

Product Variety and Innovation

Product Variety and Innovation

Great break room experiences offer relevant and on-trend refreshments and convenience.

With the right products, you can transform your break room in ways that your employees will appreciate every day. Our vast product offering gives you a variety of options that will rejuvenate them throughout the day. And our purchasing power not only helps you save on costs, it also helps us provide you with options tailored exclusively to your company’s needs.

Coffee and Beverage Perks

We have a wide variety of private label, commercial and gourmet coffee brands (Starbucks®, Green Mountain®, Peet’s®, and Dove®, to name a few) that can meet the specific needs of any business. You can choose from an array of brewers: from quick and easy single-serve machines to options that offer whole bean, café-quality drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. Additionally, we have everything you need to create your perfect beverage, like creamers, sweeteners and a wide variety of cup options.

For employees that like to keep it cool, our complete iced beverage solutions can be tailored to any workplace. We provide popular iced tea flavors and zero-calorie options, as well as iced coffee with flavored creamers so your employees can create their own favorite drink.

High-Quality H2O

Proper hydration is essential to keeping alert at work. Our water filtration units ensure that your workplace stays productive no matter the time of day. They tap directly into your office’s water supply to provide unlimited clean, filtered cold and hot water, as well as filtered ice, all at the push of a button.

Top-Of-The-Line Vending

Nobody provides better vending service than we do. Our combination of experience, exceptional service, and the widest variety of products have made us the industry leaders since 1936, when we were the first company to bring vending machines into the workplace. 

Our innovative equipment brings the latest in technology and reliability. We feature a full selection of popular brand name snacks, juices, teas, and fresh food, including regional favorites. We also keep our healthy options top of mind with our Snacks That Fit Your Life program, which communicates the better-for-you aspects of our offering. 

When it comes to vending, we have the right people and programs in place to ensure machines are well stocked and in working order. And with our RefreshTECHTM inventory management, we track each transaction to keep your machine stocked with snacks your employees enjoy most.