If You’re Looking For The Best and Brightest in Workplace Dining, We’re in Business

Attract top-tier talent with healthy and delicious food options in dynamic dining environments.


We create exciting dining innovations that increase employee engagement and talent retention, while energizing your workplace. We do this with:

  • Customizable and scalable solutions for businesses of any size

  • A health and wellness approach that inspires healthy lifestyles and exceeds employee wellness goals

  • A deep understanding of employee wants and needs through our research and analysis tools

  • Retail and workspace design services that create collaborative, exciting spaces

  • Full transparency in financial reporting through our client dashboard

  • A team of dedicated experts trained to deliver exceptional dining services


Our comprehensive dining services transform your workplace and employee experience with on-site or cross-campus options including:

  • Custom restaurants and cafes (concept, design and build)

  • Executive dining and conference services

  • Wellness innovation

  • Coffee shops and retail services

  • Meeting and event catering

  • Break rooms and on-site convenience stores

  • Food trucks

Research and Insights

Research and Insights

We gather data-driven trends and employee insights to deliver exceptional dining experiences.

We believe the best dining experience is one that energizes your workplace and employees, creating a culture of wellness that promotes engagement and attracts exceptional talent. That’s why we go above and beyond to develop a deeper understanding of employee dining habits and preferences.

Your Workplace, Our Insights

By analyzing a combination of generational insights, the latest workplace and consumer dining and design trends, as well as employee surveys, we create unique dining experiences that meet the needs of your talent, office culture and business goals. Our highly dedicated staff then takes these insights and uses them to design fresh, ethnic menus and exciting dining concepts that will engage your workforce and improve performance. The result is an experience that is meaningful, authentic, sustainable and completely tailored to your workplace.

As an example, many of our partners have employees who are looking for food and beverage options during nontraditional hours. Recognizing that insight, we created a mini-market with a self-checkout, open 24/7. At another company, we noticed that peak dining hours were becoming too crowded, so we added mobile ordering and a takeout window to ease the rush.

Employee Response

We’re able to continually collect data and connect with employees via several different feedback and measurement programs. Through our Voice of the Consumer feedback tool, we can accurately measure your employees’ satisfaction and respond to their needs in real time. Using that same data, our expert team looks for growing trends and proactively innovates new programs and practices to help make our business dining services even better.  

Custom Dining Options

Custom Dining Options

Our customized dining concepts cater to your workplace culture and employee lifestyles.

We understand that companies have their own culture, taste, personality and goals. We also understand that an engaging workplace-dining environment can help boost employee pride and productivity while increasing revenue. We take all this into consideration with every concept because your dining experience should be a reflection of your exceptional company and the employees who make it great.


As part of our premium services, our specialized restaurant team, the LifeWorks Restaurants Group, creates fully customizable restaurants for your workplace. These one-of-a-kind restaurants are based on your culture and goals, and are fueled by passionate executive chefs and service teams who specialize in unparalleled guest service. From menus to design, and lighting to dining room fixtures, we’ll work together to make sure every element expresses your company’s unique point of view.

Learn more about LifeWorks Restaurant Group.


Combining new and unexpected elements to generate workplace health and energy, our ActivATE café models offer flexible, tailored solutions for your business dining needs. ActivATE takes a fast-casual approach to dining, featuring a broad selection of healthy foods in exciting and modern retail environments. Based on preferences we gather from employee insights, ActivATE offers an efficient, innovative operating model and delicious, healthy food while enhancing the employee experience improve employee satisfaction.

The Right Retail Solution

We can also provide modular and mobile options no matter the shape or size of your space. Our flexible retail environments offer fresh meals and snacks that deliver on the needs of employees. They can even be open 24 hours with self-checkout kiosks. 

No matter your needs, we can provide a dining solution that reflects your organization’s style, personality and goals.

Health and Wellness Initiatives

Health and Wellness Initiatives

Thanks to our commitment to health and wellness, we’ll bring fresh, healthy ideas to your workplace.

We understand that a healthy workplace is a productive one. Whether you’re just starting a health and wellness program or already have one in place, we can work together to ensure your goals are met.

Healthy For Life™

Healthy For Life™, is our comprehensive, easy-to-understand health and wellness program that helps support healthy lifestyles on multiple levels. Working directly with your on-site facility, we provide employees with better food choices and readily accessible nutrition information to ensure they are maintaining healthier, stronger lifestyles at work and at home.

We enable a healthy culture by providing delicious food with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. We then make this known to your employees through communication on-site, and through our web and mobile platforms.

Not only that, but we also promote a healthy culture with education. Our teams of chefs, dietitians and support staff are trained to know everything about our food. By purchasing top-quality ingredients, following healthy recipes, offering nutritional information, and even suggesting meals to our guests, we task ourselves to be perennial educators.

Recognizing that healthy lifestyles are best sustained in a supportive, social environment, we extend our advocacy through menu promotions, healthy home recipes, station-specific tips for healthy eating, and retail programs.

Culinary Innovation

Culinary Innovation

We deliver a culinary experience to your workplace that sets the standard for the industry.

Our commitment to inspire keeps your employees engaged and satisfied. Rooted in the approach that everyone eats differently and a one-size-fits-all cafe doesn’t apply, our tailored solutions are based specifically on your employees – from where they live to what gets them motivated. We work every day to deliver innovative dining experiences that incorporate dishes with fresh, local ingredients and delicious menus filled with authentic, ethnic recipes.

Quality Ingredients

Our philosophy is that the best meals start with the freshest ingredients. Our team goes above and beyond to purchase the highest-quality ingredients for each recipe we prepare.  We incorporate ingredients that are better for you into each dish. Using leaner proteins, fresh herbs to reduce sodium, and olive oils and purees that replace bad fats, we’re able to create meals that are both healthy and great-tasting.

We locally source seasonal fruits and vegetables whenever possible to ensure that these ingredients are at the peak of freshness when they go into our dishes.

Flexible Dining Solutions

Flexible Dining Solutions

Unique dining solutions allow your employees to dine at the office in new and interesting ways.

Modern workspaces are increasingly defined by the employees who inhabit them. Today, the employees driving that change are millennials who desire open, flexible, comfortable and tech-savvy spaces in which to eat, work and socialize. 

Changing Environments for a Changing Workforce

Our innovative approach to dining allows us to break traditional molds and create dining solutions that fit the needs of your changing workplace demographics. Our team puts considerable research into current and evolving workplace trends, so that we can build exciting dining environments that meet the needs of today, while keeping the future in mind.

We can design hybrid and hangout spaces that serve as both dining areas and places to work and socialize. We incorporate food and beverage innovations to create creativity-charged environments.

And the environments we design go far beyond conventional workplace dining spaces. We work to understand the specific needs of your employees and your business and develop unique, flexible dining spaces that keep your employees satisfied and productive while improving sales.