Remote Workplaces

We call it hospitality. You call it home.

Working in remote areas can be stressful for your employees. But with reliable and safe environments, you can give them an experience that makes them feel right at home. Whether your workplace is located in a drilling camp, a mine or an offshore rig, our comprehensive services can help you maximize comfort and convenience for your workforce.

Attracting and retaining the best and brightest is important to any business. But today’s resource sector employees look for more than just a good salary and a secure work environment. They look for a lodge that provides exciting and healthy dining and lifestyle options, amenities that enhance the guest experience and the comforts of home. They want to know that their employer has their best interests in mind.

Everything We Do Begins with Great Food

Everything We Do Begins with Great Food

Through food standards, customized food programs, and addressing individual customer preferences and client goals, we deliver the food our customers’ desire.

We are always committed to using the freshest ingredients and highest- quality products delivered by the most talented chefs. Our chefs are graduates of certified culinary institutes with a superb work record including food preparation in remote locations.

We start with the premise that great dining experiences are created --- it is not simply a matter of putting together great menus, merchandising, and serving great food. Dining services are truly great when your employees connect in a positive way and feel like they are at home. We serve a variety of menu choices to create this comfort, whether it is light, hearty, healthy or indulgent. Our food is always fresh and prepared with an attention to detail by our culinary staff and servers. We encourage our customers to pull up a chair and enjoy the fare!


Pairing healthy choices with nutrition and wellness programs, we make it easier to live well.
We create and power sustainable programs and practices that minimize our environmental impact.
Comprehensive Facility Services

Comprehensive Facility Services

We provide comprehensive facilities services covering a vast amount of square footage across our remote locations.

Our facilities services knowledge and expertise enable us to develop tailored solutions that deliver on your highest priorities. From technical challenges to daily operational support, we provide extensive capabilities designed to meet your business goals.

We are committed to providing:

• Innovative and sustainable solutions designed to optimize resources and proactively manage costs effectively.
• Efficient and effective programs that ensure the delivery of quality solutions.
• Customized services that ensure your environments are safe and engaging.
• Proven processes to prevent the avoidable and prepare for the unexpected.
• Service relationships that are responsive and adaptive to your changing needs.
Housekeeping and janitorial services are incredibly important to the lodge. By taking care of and optimizing current assets, we maximize the benefits you get from your current inventory. We also identify problems before they happen so you don’t have to deal with unforeseen issues.

Our Approach to Safety

Our Approach to Safety

Aramark has long been committed to protecting our employees, clients, customers, and the environment from harm.

Stated simply, our vision is to provide and sustain a workplace where we reach Target Zero: no harm to people or the environment.

Nothing is more important than the safety of our clients and staff. You need a dining program that will focus on safety everywhere, every day, every commit to providing safe food, safe environment healthy workplace.

Diversity & Inclusion - Our Commitment

Diversity & Inclusion - Our Commitment

Throughout the past fifteen years, Aramark has strived to maximize diversity and inclusion and Indigenous employment and business opportunities in the areas we operate.

Aramark has continued to maximize Indigenous employment across the country; we have entered into thirty partnerships with Indigenous communities in British Columbia, Alberta Saskatchewan, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, and Yukon Territory.  Fifteen years of partnerships has seen Aramark support and fund:

• Elder Programs
• Youth and Elder Retreats
• Youth Camps
• Sports Clubs
• School and Community Educational Trips
• Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs
• Holiday Dinners
• Annual Pow Wows
• Regional Gatherings
• Community Dinners

We have one of the highest rates of Indigenous employment for a non-Indigenous owned company in Canada, averaging up to 30% throughout the year.  In some camps, the number has been as high as 80%. 

Aramark Indigenous Cultural Awareness Program
Indigenous Relations is one of the key elements of Aramark Remote Workplace Services’ guiding principles. It is imperative that each employees at fully understands this symbolic relationship.  Aramark Remote Workplace Services’ has rolled out a comprehensive Indigenous Cultural Awareness Program and Workshop. This in-house training program is designed for all Aramark Remote Workplace Services’ camp, office and facilities employees, including management. This initiative includes historical and cultural perspectives from local communities. We recruit members and elders from our partners to offer their stories and insight to workshops. Because of our extensive knowledge in this area within Aramark, we also provide this program for those at Aramark outside of remote services. We are excited to provide this offering to our clients to enhance their knowledge and appreciation for our rich Indigenous culture.