Day and night, we take care of your customers

We have the hospitality services to make every stay at your conference center remarkable.


We understand that operating a successful conference center requires experience and specialized competencies. We meet these demands by providing you:

  • The support of our global network

  • Insights that allow your center to promote its local heritage and unique character

  • Innovation driven by the needs of your customers

  • Insights from our experts to determine new opportunities of revenue generation


We focus on your goals and make sure our processes are easy to implement and bring about immediate success. We achieve this through:

  • Experience in hospitality for business, education and residential environments

  • Full-service support so we can implement strategic plans

  • Automation software to make your hospitality center run smoother and easier

  • Hiring employees who make a difference 

The Facts Matter

We take pride in making sure your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your guests is our top priority. But we don’t just stop there: We continue to develop our services to make sure they are best in class, and in some cases, award-winning:

  • Over 1 million square feet of meeting space managed
  • 45 unique, world-class residential and day centers under our management
  • 10 IACC-approved conference centers
  • Multiple Pinnacle Award Winning sites for “Successful Meetings”
  • Green Seal certified

An Innovative Management Approach

We manage with an innovative philosophy that makes sure your property stands out against the competition. Our goal is to go above and beyond by implementing measures that elevate your facility, such as:

  • Preserving the local culture and identity of each location so it remains unique and memorable
  • Implementing our Green ThreadTM program to make sure your center is run in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Customizing services and marketing to take advantage of the benefits specific to your location

Exceptional Service Staff

People make the experience. With that in mind, we don’t just hire employees based on what they’ve accomplished but what they’re capable of accomplishing. And we make sure they’re invested in providing the best service by nurturing their potential and fostering growth through training. What sets us apart is that our employees care deeply about making every guest’s experience truly extraordinary.

  • We deliver exceptional customer service and implement our processes seamlessly
  • We provide you with an on-property team of industry experts
  • We optimize financial performance reports so you understand the impact of each dollar spent

When we provide exceptional service, we also want to make sure we maximize your dollars spent. To accomplish this, we make sure we understand your goals and use our expertise to deliver measurable results that matter most to you. Our team also continually analyzes financial performance and delivers new tools that empower better service.

Marketing and Engagement

You want your conference center to stand out among the pack. We have a team of marketing and sales experts to help you do just that. We engage customers, meet their unique needs and earn sales that grow your business.

  • You receive a dedicated sales team at each property
  • We run web-based and print advertising, marketing promotions and public relations