Our Diverse Workforce is One-of-a-Kind

We include people and partners of diverse backgrounds, cultures, beliefs and orientations. 


Diversity and inclusion are the backbone of our vibrant workforce, and essential to our success. We employ more than 14,000 unique people across Canada and each one of our employees is unique, so we’re constantly pushing to make sure our workplace is reflective of our diverse group of employees and customers.

We want people from different backgrounds, experiences and orientations to come to Aramark and be successful. We want to encourage a culture that appreciates people’s differences and their similarities. 

Our diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives are focused around three areas:

  • Workforce: Our goal is to hire, retain and develop people with different backgrounds that reflect the communities that we serve.
  • Workplace: We strive to create a workplace culture that values and leverages our many differences and drives innovation through inclusion.
  • Marketplace: We partner with diverse suppliers and community organizations so we can deliver culturally relevant products and services.

We also have a number of resource groups available to our employees, giving them access to like-minded people with similar backgrounds and interests, including:

  • Aramark Empower
    • Aramark Empower’s goal is to empower and grow diverse leadership among women that drives results by promoting career development, networking, and mentoring alongside allies across Aramark.
  • Aramark Impacto
    • Impacto’s mission is to provide meaningful contributions that build a multicultural workforce, an inclusive workplace, and serve as a valuable resource for Hispanic market insights through targeted education, experiences, and exposure opportunities.
  • Aramark LEAD
    • Aramark Leaders & Employees of African Descent (LEAD) is dedicated to the interest of employees who self-identify as Black, African American, West Indian, or of African descent. The group’s vision is to cultivate Black leaders at Aramark and empower the communities in which we operate.
  • Aramark Pride
    • Aramark Pride focuses on fostering an open, inclusive environment in which lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ+) employees and their allies are fully engaged to achieve organizational goals and enhance professional growth.
  • Aramark Rising Sun
    • Rising Sun is dedicated to building an inclusive workplace for Indigenous peoples that reflects Aramark’s clients, customers, and suppliers. The ERG was named Rising Sun to represent the future opportunities for Indigenous peoples who join our team.
  • Aramark Salute
    • Salute supports Aramark in attracting, appreciating, and retaining Veteran talent and their families in order to cultivate a Workforce of leaders, build a diverse and inclusive Workplace, and drive value in the Marketplace
  • Aramark Synergy
    • Synergy is dedicated to the interest of employees, clients, customers, vendors, and suppliers who have a religious or faith-based focus to their work. It creates an environment for those who want to learn more about how religion, faith, and spirituality impacts the workplace.
  • Aramark Thrive
    • Thrive's mission is to advance awareness and inclusion for people with disabilities at Aramark, and/or Aramark employees who advocate for people with disabilities; to provide them with opportunities to share their stories and be heard, understood, and supported.
  • Aramark Young Professionals
    • Our Young Professionals group was established to connect, engage, and empower young professionals and their allies. This ERG provides a network that cultivates future leaders and enhances the capabilities of our fastest-growing workforce segment.
  • Aramark Amplify
    • Aramark Amplify focuses on amplifying the Asian and Pacific Islander Culture by fostering an inclusive and safe environment for Aramark Pan-Asian associates, their allies, clients, customers and communities.