Empowering People to Live Healthy Lives

Pairing healthy choices with nutrition and wellness programs, we make it easier to live well.

Each year, we serve more than two billion meals to customers around the world, accommodating many differences in tastes and diet. We prepare and serve food to kindergartners and college students, doctors and hospital patients, and even workers living on off-shore oil rigs. In fact, more than two-thirds of the adults we surveyed told us they’re careful about what they eat, and that they want to know how to make better lifestyle choices.

Healthy For Life™ is our comprehensive health and wellness program. It features healthy food plus nutrition and wellness programs that work together to support healthy lifestyles and is based on research into global trends, as well as the knowledge of our chefs, dietitians and other experts.

We’ve introduced Healthy For Life™ to over 350 accounts in Canada, enriching and nourishing the lives of millions of people around the world and making it easier for them to lead healthier lives every day.

Healthy Choices

Healthy Choices

Our chefs and dietitians create food that’s fresh, delicious, satisfying—and good for you.

While most traditional restaurants see their customers once or twice a month, many of our customers dine with us five or six times a week, often several times a day. More and more, they look to us to provide them a broad selection of great-tasting healthy foods and beverages—especially when as many as 40 percent of adults are dealing with health conditions that may correlate with the foods they eat1.

Instead of trying to provide one “right” choice, we provide a range of healthy, great-tasting choices so our customers can choose the best option for them. Our many chefs and dietitians work together, combining passion and know-how to create innovative recipes made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. You’ll also find vegetarian and vegan-friendly environments, lower-calorie foods and seasonal selections, making it easier than ever to live healthy.

1Center for Disease Control

Our Get the Good Stuff selections are a great example of how we offer our customers these healthy options. They include everything from comfort food to the latest contemporary and international cuisine and have at least one full serving of nutritionally dense whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains or lean proteins. Entrees average 500 calories or less, soups and sides average 150 calories or less - and all contain less saturated fats and sodium than traditional fare.



Our special features and consumer promotions highlight healthy foods and encourage healthy eating.

Many of us are dining out more frequently than ever before. Unfortunately, healthy choices at many dining establishments don’t always get the attention they deserve. To make it easy for people to find healthy food, we highlight the wide variety of options we offer with colorful, high-impact signs and promotions.

If you’re looking for a lunch that’s lower in calories, saturated fat and sodium or made with whole grains or colourful vegetables, we’ll help you find it with our Get the Good Stuff program. We can help you identify vegetarian or vegan meals and also point you towards those made with Halal certified ingredients or those made without gluten.

Throughout the year, we also feature and promote seasonal items created by our chefs to showcase the benefits of eating in-season fruits and vegetables.

Our mobile app, Live+, helps you save money and collect rewards points on healthier choices, and provides tips, tricks and ""life hacks"" for living a well-balaced lifestyle. Use the app to get delicious recipes, give real time feedback on our services and connect directly to a dietitian who can answer your nutrition-related questions.

By shining a spotlight on healthy choices, we make it easy for our customers to eat well when they eat out.



With insights and advice from our experts, our customers can make good choices about what they eat.

In a recent survey by the International Food and Information Council, more than half of the adults surveyed said that eating healthy is harder than doing their taxes1. We believe that having access to easy-to-understand nutrition and wellness information can change that perception.

We have hundreds of dietitians who are members of the Dietitians of Canada and have extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition. They use their expertise to create a wide variety of materials and programs for our dining locations to help take the mystery out of healthy living.

Customers have access to easy-to-understand resources that make healthy make sense. We provide people with information on everything from serving sizes, to the value of seafood in a healthy diet, to choosing healthy fats. We even offer a partnership with MyFitnessPal, an online and mobile app that helps people track their calories, water intake and exercise all in one place.




Creating personal experiences that change the way people think about nutrition and their health.

Every day, our experts connect with people, bringing healthy to life, even making it exciting. Our chefs and dietitians take great pride in sharing their experience and education to help people find solutions that work for them. 

For example, children are notoriously picky eaters, but our experts make healthy food fun, leading school and community programs like our “Healthy Bites” nutrition education sessions. Our team encourages kids to eat a “rainbow” of colorful, nutritious fruits and vegetables that they’ve never tried before, or try a fun, healthy snack like raisin “ants” on a celery “log.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a busy mom who needs to stretch a tight budget might join one of our Wellness Every Day workshops that provide tips on buying affordable, seasonal produce or shopping for healthy items that can be bought in bulk. 

By engaging people on a personal level, we’re helping to make healthy much more than a recipe in a cookbook, encouraging our customers to take an important step towards healthier living.