Our History

Aramark contributes to the economic growth and stability of Indigenous communities.

Our initial partnerships were underscored by economic ventures, em­ployment and training, and support for community projects. Since then, we’ve assisted locally owned businesses, evaluated entrepreneurial opportunities, and identified and endorsed areas of our operations to be sub­contracted to the local community.

Having promoted economic growth through legacy initiatives, we’ve contributed to the economic stability of Indigenous communities. We’ve helped generate revenues that community leaders and economic development personnel have earmarked toward hiring staff, investing in band-operated programming, and developing the community’s overall economic capacity.

We’ve supported Indigenous communities through funding and food services that include:

  • Treaty Day celebrations
  • Regional gatherings
  • Adult continuing education programs
  • Elder programs
  • Scholarships
  • Youth and elder retreats
  • Youth camps
  • Sports clubs and playgrounds
  • School and community educational trips
  • Electronic learning centers
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs
  • Daycare programs
  • National Indigenous Peoples Day
  • Holiday and community meals