Indigenous Relations

Aramark maintains positive relationships with Indigenous communities through our philosophy of commitment.

Canada’s highly diverse Indigenous communities are made up of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples who live in the most densely populated urban centres to the most remote regions in the North.

At Aramark Canada, we strive to maximize Indigenous engagement and employment in our operations. We’re proud of our longstanding tradition of establishing and maintaining positive relationships with Indigenous communities by forming strategic economic part­nerships, hiring and training Indigenous employees, investing in community projects, organizations and facilities, giving back to those in need, and assisting locally owned businesses.

Like Indigenous communities themselves, we’re dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact on our people and planet that will grow and prosper well into the future.


Our commitment

Through our philosophy of commitment, we foster and maintain positive relationships with Indigenous communities:

Time and presence in the community: We understand how important active involvement and visibility are in the communities we serve.

Recognition and respect: Our partnerships and joint ventures recognize and respect our partner communities’ values and contributions.

Honouring obligations and culture: To establish trusting relationships with the communities in which we serve, we follow through on our assurances and strive to understand and honour each distinct culture.

Understanding the impact on the community: We show respect for Indigenous rights—from both legal and moral perspectives.


Aramark contributes to the economic growth and stability of Indigenous communities.


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